KDS IPO Lottery Result Download

KDS Accessories ipo lottery result will be published on next 10th September 2015. Next 10th September 2015 the ipo lottery will be held at Chittagong Club, Chittagong. The lottery draw processing will be started on at 10.00 AM and the result to be gets after at 12.00 PM from the draw points.

A trusted source by know that KDS Accessories company total 8 crore application has been submitted. But a few securities houses amount of application not be found. So by a census we think the company total ipo share application submitted the amount of share will be surpass 850 crore Taka.

At a glance:
Per share premium: 10 Taka
per share value: 10 Taka
Market lot: 250
Market lot price: 5000 Taka
EPS:2.29 Taka
Net Asset Value: 19.63 Taka

KDS Accessories ipo share submission some important dates were mentioned below. General public and Non Bangladeshis ipo submission date has too same. Investors got times 10 working day.
Company name: KDS Accessories
IPO Submission started date on: 9th August 2015
IPO Submission closed date: 20th August 2015
NOn Bangladesh IPO Submission date : 20th August 2015

KDS IPO Lottery Result Download

KDS Accessories as ipo permission by Bangladesh Securities & Exchange Commission (BSEC). BSEC that’s the meeting was 545.We known that last year KDS Accessories EPS was per sharely 2.29 Taka and per sharely Net Asset Value was 19.63 Taka. Investors hope that this ipo EPS and NET will be good than last years.

Mutual Fund

Non Residence Bangladeshi (NRB)

Affected Small Investors

Resident Bangladeshi

Bank Branch Code

KDS ipo lottery result 2015

Bank branch code
General Public
Mutual Fund
Warrant Refund

KDS Accessories company many Taka collected from shar bazar. Theirs total amount of collated is 24 crore Taka. Actually the collected money has been used companies broaden, paid the companies bank loans, buy many accessories for development’s of company.

Before KDS Accessories announced that the collected money costing sectors were fixed. The costing sectors were business extension, paid the bank loans, primary mass offering costing sectors etc.Bangladesh securities & Exchange commission has approved the ipo by theirs 545th meetings.

KDS Accessories ipo lottery result will be published date on 10th September 2015. The result will be published as PDF file. The results to be gets DSE, CSE, KDS Accessories website and our website. Although various online media has published the ipo lottery results by theirs page.

If you mine know yours ipo lottery results wants be your Facebook page, then likes our Facebook fan page. By likes you can be the results yours Facebook timelines.


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